Maryze – Soft

Bilingual R&B goddess Maryze shares her cinematic visual debut for the glorious track “Soft”.

Following the release of her EP, the Montreal artist has teamed up with Paris-based director Amanda Louise Macchia, to produce an intimate video encapsulating a dreamlike vision for the R&B ballad.

Brimming with a soft, feminine colour palette, the video is a hazy viewing. Layering these colours offers a sense of fragility, yet also reworks the ideas of feminine strength. It’s truly enchanting. Despite its hints of sensual inflections, “Soft” showcases the vulnerability of establishing human connections and shows Maryze at her very best.
“Soft is about abandoning insecurities, reconnecting with your sensuality, and allowing yourself to be with someone entirely. For me, truly connecting with another person, both physically and on a deeper spiritual level, has to begin in a place of self-love” explains Maryze.

“As many womxn do, I have a complicated relationship with my body and sexuality, largely because of the societal shame around expressing those parts of ourselves. This song was inspired by a relationship that really helped me regain a sense of trust, and embrace the softness and strength it takes to be vulnerable. It feels powerful, and a little magic, to reclaim our bodies and sensuality in whatever way we choose for ourselves. I also don’t often play with my softer, feminine side, so I had a lot of fun exploring that in this video.”

It’s the minimal melody that crafts a spell over its listeners, making them yearn for more. Maryze is an artist paving her very own music trajectory.