julia michaels

Julia Michaels – If You Need Me

It’s a surprise to absolutely nobody that Julia Michaels is a genius songwriter. She’s consistently churning out pop single after pop single and today she released emotional track, “If You Need Me,” inspired by Season 2 of the Facebook Watch original series Sorry For Your Loss starring Elizabeth Olsen.

Her inspiration came from meeting and hearing from survivors of grief– whom formed an emotional bond of shared experience. Julia says, “Even when someone is not with you, you can still feel them with you. I wanted the chorus to be ‘If you need me, I’m there’… even if I can’t physically be there, I’m still there. That can be about the person that isn’t visibly here anymore, and it can be about the community they have built within ‘Sorry For Your Loss.’”

The track, as anticipated, is emotional and relatable. Julia sings “I wish I could fix it, I wish I knew what to say, but everything feels like a lie these days.”

Michaels is currently on her Inner Monologue Tour. See dates here.