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John Mayer – Carry Me Away

John Mayer is closing out the summer with a bang. The singer, who is currently on his 2019 World Tour, released “Carry Me Away” as a follow-up to “I Guess I Just Feel Like” last week. In addition to the track, Mayer released a behind the scenes look on the creation of the song made during his 2-week break from his 2019 World Tour. The footage offers insight into the different sounds and his process in creating the introspective track.

Taking a deeper dive into “Carry Me Away,” on first listen, fans will notice that while it is a bit different from Mayer’s signature style, it delves more into the experimentation that Mayer has said he’s been craving… Which leaves longtime fans on the fence on the track.

“I’m such a bore / I’m such a bummer / There must be more behind this summer / I want someone / To make some trouble / Been way too safe / Inside my bubble.” Mayer is known for his smart lyrics, but this track cuts out the metaphors and is more straightforward, speaking to this real-life experience this summer.

He explains, “I didn’t see it coming that this tour would have so much life and energy in it, so when it was time for a two-week break, I found myself wanting to create. My desires for vacation were simple: to live in shorts and a t-shirt and play with my dog in the sun and live a simple, happy, normal life, all while writing this song I had swirling in my head.” Mayer is known for splitting his time between the wilder life of Los Angeles (which has seen him get into trouble in the past) and humbling himself back to earth when retreating back to Montana.

Check out the lyric video to “Carry Me Away” below: