fall out boy
photo: Jack Alexander / EUPH.

Fall Out Boy – Dear Future Self (ft. Wyclef Jean)

What was the song that first made you fall in love with Fall Out Boy? Was it “Grand Theft Autumn”? “Sugar We’re Going Down”? Maybe it took you ten more years. You know, when they released Save Rock and Roll, a comeback album that wasn’t quite a comeback album because they never left. How does an early 2000’s band whose sound has managed to stay blessedly the same become one of the most popular indie bands of a generation? 

You would probably have to ask Patrick Stump. Over the years Fall Out Boy has collaborated with everyone from Elton John, to Courtney Love, to Big Sean. Now, in their latest single “Dear Future Self,” Wyclef Jean lends his talents, contributing a rap riff that somehow doesn’t sound at all out of place alongside the hyperactive chorus that has become synonymous with Fall Out Boy. 

The amount of diverse talent that has collaborated with the indie band is staggering but not surprising. Of course, Elton John would want to work with Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy have become an iconic musical talent in their own right, and I don’t think it’s overstepping to say that decades from now they will be considered an icon in the way that we see Elton John or The Beatles, or any band who has managed to stick around in the cultural mindset. “Dear future self, I hope it’s going well.” It definitely is Patrick, it definitely is.