10 Things New Hope Club and ROOKIES Want You To Know About Their New Single

New Hope Club has teamed up with British producer ROOKIES (aka Jon Maguire) on the fun new pop track “Paycheck”. As summer draws to a close, it’s the perfect antidote to keep the good vibes going.

Whilst New Hope Club is the up-and-coming boyband taking over the airwaves, ROOKIES has been working with big pop names like Bastille, Liam Payne, Freya Ridings, Sam Feldt and The Vamps.

We asked New Hope Club and ROOKIES to give us the inside scoop on some facts you might not know about their collab…

  1. The guys have never actually met! “We didn’t meet when recording the song and haven’t had a chance since it’s been released, but we hope to meet up and maybe perform the song together one day,” New Hope Club tells us.
  2. New Hope Club recorded their own vocals for the song and sent them to ROOKIES remotely to work on.
  3. The music video was filmed in Times Square.
  4. The song has been produced completely differently at least 4 times.
  5. Paycheck almost never came out!
  6. New Hope Club performed the song on tour before it was released and their fans learnt all the lyrics instantly. “They actually knew the lyrics better than us at some shows!”
  7. The song was an instant hit with New Hope Club, who loved the song because of the relatable lyrics: “We think that everyone has been at the point where they are just waiting for their paycheck!”
  8. As they sing in “Paycheck”, New Hope Club are dying to be “be friends with Madonna” and hope that if she hears the song she will reach out to them. How about a New Hope Club x ROOKIES x Madonna track? We’d back it.
  9. “Paycheck” was actually written almost 3 years ago in Copenhagen.
  10. “Paycheck” has been sung by about 10 different vocalists and “nobody has sounded anywhere near as good” as New Hope Club, ROOKIES tells us.