Today, EUPHORIA premieres the music video for Klingande’s song “Messiah”.

We spoke to the French DJ and producer about teaming up with Bright Sparks on the new track “Messiah”, his stage name, and the importance of making people feel something.

How did the collaboration with Bright Sparks on “Messiah” come about?

It started from a demo my management received. The track came through from a publisher they used to work with, but we didn’t know it was Bright Sparks singing. At the first listen, I had a big crush on the voices of Bright Sparks and the melody of the song. It inspired me immediately to create something different from what I’m used to doing. I worked on it during a work session in Ibiza last year and sent it to Bright Sparks who loved what I did. And that was it!

What was the emotional inspiration behind the track?

I can’t speak for Bright Sparks, it’s Ash and Kimmy’s lyrics, but for me, it inspires sensuality, the strong and intense feelings of love. From the first time I listened to the song I think it’s really powerful, loaded with emotions.

Do you prefer working with other artists on collabs or working alone on solo releases?

Honestly, I love everything. When you work with other artists and you connect on the artistic direction you want for a song it’s really exciting. Working alone is great too as it leaves me to express all my ideas, try things I wouldn’t try if I’m on a collaborative project. Music is made to be shared, so sharing the creation seem completely logical to me.

The life of a successful DJ can be lonely and exciting in equal measures. Would you say this is true for you? 

Absolutely, you are always in this mix of loneliness and big excitement. When I’m on stage, the level of emotions and energy is incredible, and then you come back to your hotel room, everything seems so calm and quiet. It can be frightening at some point, you lose some bearings, and it affects your mind. It’s something that we, DJs, artists, have to be careful with. As long as you know this part of a musician’s career and you handle it properly, things work well mostly.

What’s the meaning behind your stage name Klingande?

Klingande means “sounding” in Swedish. When I started DJ’ing I was a big fan of all Swedish DJs and Producers, Avicii of course, Swedish House Mafia, Eric Prydz… And when I was looking for a name I instinctively look at Sweden and Swedish words.

Who were your musical influencers when you first started producing music compared to now?

My musical influences were always a lot of different artists, from pop/rock bands like Coldplay, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers to EDM artists like Avicii, Axwell, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig and more… I’m also really inspired by more underground and indie stuff. I don’t think what influence me evolved so much since I started producing, of course, there are new artists, new bands, a lot of new things out, and I seek inspirations in all these things I like to listen to.

How would you say your sound has evolved over the years?

I think the quality of my sound has evolved, technically I’m way better than when I started but also musically. Since I started production, I met so many people I love to work with, musicians for guitars, bass, harmonica, violins as well as producers, engineers. All these people around me, available for me when I work on my music, help me make evolve my sound in the direction I want to.

What are some of the themes you’ll be exploring in your upcoming debut double album?

“The Album” is mostly about human relationships, friendships, love, life. It’s really what my music is about since the beginning with lots of good vibes!

What made you decide to make your debut record a double album as opposed to a regular one?

It’s not really a double album for me, there is the album made of all original songs I released this year and a lot of exclusives. The second part is more a compilation of my previous works, to give to people the opportunity to listen to it as a whole or discover it! I thought it was interesting and fun to regroup my discography this way for my album, but I wouldn’t call it double album as of course, the second part is not about new things, except for a small surprise I put into it for my fans!

How do you want your music to make people feel?

You’ll think my answer is silly but “feel” is the keyword. Music is made to evoke emotion. I want my music to be about good vibes, but sometimes it can be nostalgic, loaded with a mix of emotions. As long as it reaches people, make them feel emotions, for me, that’s everything.