Long Beach native SATICA has been making music and writing songs since she was a teenager, and has today just released her second EP, dear april, ily. Throughout the EP’s five tracks, SATICA opens herself up as she sings of things like home, love, relationships, and family, all of which allow listeners the chance to learn more about who SATICA is as both a growing musician and a human being. Filled with R&B and pop sounds, dear april, ily is innovative and honest, and a project that is sure to resonate with anyone who gives it a listen.

We recently had the chance to chat with SATICA about her sophomore EP, her exciting plans for the rest of 2019, and recent single “Check$”.

Your new single “Check$” is such a beautiful dedication to your mom. When writing this song, did you have any trouble finding the words to express the love you have for your mom, or did the song’s lyrics come relatively easy to you?

I think I was so overwhelmed by emotion, that the lyrics just kind of needed to come out. I remember writing it like a poem and actually asking my producer friends, Mike Derenzo & AObeats if they could leave the room. I cried in solace for a little while, wiped my tears, wrote it and freestyled the melody of the verses on the mic. It was just one of those moments where your heart is so heavy that it needed to unload, and this is how I did it.

What was the recording process like for dear april, ily?

Every song to me on this EP is a different moment. It’s been 2 years since my last EP and since then, I have a whole vault of songs that I’ve written that are all definitely eclectic and versatile. It was important to me that this sophomore EP held more weight lyrically and personally. I love all the stuff that I’ve done in the past but I was craving depth in my art. These 5 songs were chosen because they stood the test of time. Every single song that was recorded on this EP I made with my friends in a safe zone where I felt comfortable opening up and being vulnerable through my music. It’s an appreciation of grow and realizing the ugly parts of me that I needed to learn to love and be better. All these songs didn’t feel forced at all, it was a moment captured with different creative people to make this body of art. Even on the production side, a lot of it was trial and error and just making sound and seeing what works. The best part is being ridiculous in the studio and literally finding objects around the room to make sound with, and then that feeling afterwards when the whole room knows we’ve made something great is absolute bliss. Every single song on this EP I’ve had this feeling with, even the acoustic versions. 

One of my favorite songs on your new EP is the final track, “ode to LB,” where you reflect on your life and sing about running home towards the sunset. When you think back to your childhood and time living in Long Beach, what images come to mind?

I think of sunsets with my dad along the beach with cut up ankles cause my parents let me rollerblade with no socks on. I think of the ocean breeze that you get and it reminds you that whatever angst that life brings is temporary. I think of playing chinese jump rope, cops & robbers with all the neighborhood kids in the eastside. I think of running towards this iconic park we have called “Hilltop Park” that overlooked the city anytime I needed a breather. It’s that breath of nostalgia that you long for when you need familiarity. 

Your songs “Inner Child” and “Fine” were featured on Grown-ish a while back. How did it feel knowing your songs were heard by so many people on TV? 

Omg, it’s probably one of the best feelings in the world. I geeeeek on things like that. I’m genuinely a fan of the show and I love Yara Shahidi. When it aired I remember watching it and screaming like crazy, I was juiced lol. 

Are there any songwriters you look up to or draw inspiration from?

I’m a huge fan of rawness in writing. I think every type of songwriter, genre, and just overall vibe serves its purpose, but as far as lyrical content, I gravitate towards rawness both lyrically and delivery. That’s why some of my favorites are obviously Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Lykke Li, Sza, I love Julia Michaels. I feel like these are songwriter inspiration staples but I can’t deny what it sparks in me and my art. 

What are some of your favorite songs or albums that you have been listening to lately? 

I’ve been OBSESSED with Rosalia, I have no idea what she’s saying but her aura and tone is everything to me. She’s got bad b**** vibes for days. When I get up in the morning and remind myself that I’m a badddd bitch, I listen to “can’t relate” by Dani Leigh. My favorite song of all time has to be “Dance Tonight” by Lucy Pearl. I don’t think I  can ever get tired of that song. 

Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of 2019?

MORE MUSIC, I still have things planned for after my EP. “dear april, ily” is all pretty heavy content, so I want to follow up with more light and fun bops cause I still love and appreciate those too. I’d love to do more shows around town and hopefully tour. But we’ll see. For now I’ll keep plotting.