Playlist: JUJ


“I feel these 10 tracks represent me, my sound, my thoughts, and my production on this, my debut EP,” JUJ told us.
I grew up on the East Coast and wanted to show the grit and hustle of the place I came up through and include sounds that people resonate with there. My EP was my story and it was influenced by many great artists I respect and look up to.
1) Guilotine—Jon Belion
The East Coast-influenced vibe of the song inspired the production for a lot of my songs.
2) New Americana—Halsey
This song gave me the inspiration to write an anthem to our generation and I wanted to spin it in a way that challenged our youth.
3) Rise Up—Andre Day
The power in her vocal delivery and lyrics made me feel inspired to create music that empowered my listeners to “Rise Up.”
4) Tell Me You Love Me—Demi Lovato
This song was a reference I used to explain what I wanted out of the track “Barricades”. That’s a song with intense vocal passion inspired by Demi.
5) American Teen—Khalid
The target audience of this song, those suburban teenagers chasing more, inspired me to write to those kids looking for that escape, whether it be in their town or out of it.
6) Sue Me—Sabrina Carpenter
The production and edginess of this song motivated me to make the track So Low.
7) Born This Way—Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has always been my biggest inspiration, so vocally I always aspire to emulate her with my own JUJ spin on it.
8) Super Rich Kids—Frank Ocean
I’ve always loved this song, and lyrically, it really feels like my youth, so I wanted to give my listener that that feeling through K.O.A and have that be a song they look back on as theirs.
9) Raised On It—Sam Hunt
Country is one of my favorite genres of music. I was legitimately raised on it. I love the detailed storytelling and this song really makes me feel my roots when I listen to it. It helped me feel grounded to write about where I came from and even though none of my songs are country and the East Coast vibe doesn’t scream country, this song really inspired me to stick to my roots when telling my story.
10) Khalid—Vertigo
This encouraged me even more, to create a song to empower suburban teens in my track Mood.
11) Youth—Shawn Mendes
The drive and lyrics of this motivational song sparked me to push for change for both me and my peers.