Photo: Harriet Brown

Sad Boys Club – Mirror & Me

London-based indie-pop band, Sad Boys Club, have just released a brand new single, “Mirror & Me”. The candid track is a deeply personal yet sometimes humorous look at body image anxiety; an infectious melodic retelling of lead singer Jacob Wheldon’s experiences.
“I can’t stop looking in the mirror, skin on trial, witness refused. Narcissus and I in the photobooth, sing the Body Dysmorphia Blues,” Wheldon sings on the opening lines of the track.
“I think that vulnerability and honesty are virtuous ways to behave in the context of furthering mental health discourse, though the two can sometimes get confused on social media as the language is still developing,” Wheldon tells us. “It’s something we have to think about with regards to our band name; we want to be a part of a conversation that helps to destigmatise the language used, but it can be easy to trivialise it.”
Photo: Harriet Brown
“‘Mirror and Me’ is an expression of experience more than a take on how to deal with it – image is such a vast part of how we engage with our society. I’ve struggled with body image anxieties most of my life, from the manageable to the socially crippling, and I’ve never been very comfortable talking about it, especially to other guys. My hope is that someone might connect and feel less alone or more comfortable opening up about it. To have a positive impact on furthering the conversation – that would be sick”
Sad Boys Club play the sold-out TRUCK Festival in July. They will also be joining Bombay Bicycle Club at their Cambridge Junction show on 27th July, and more dates in 2020.