Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens – Gone

Christine and the Queens and Charlie XCX is the pair we did not know we needed, until the duo blessed us with their most recent collaboration, “Gone”. 

Charlie XCX and Christine and the Queens, apparently a match made in heaven. As the two badass pop powerhouses aligned forces, gifting us with one of this summer’s absolutely hottest tracks. And topping it off with a video to match, we really could not possibly ask for a more heated sensation. 

The song starts of subtly, with sparse rhythm paired exclusively with Charlie XCX’s characteristic voice. However, within the first bridge, it’s clear that this is a punchy poignant pop banger. With a musical landscape relying heavily on rhythmic swagger, with little to wrap it in, it provides the perfect backdrop for these two artists to show off their significant vocal qualities in as many ways as they want. 

The lyrics witness of a search for identity and purpose, as well as taking one hard look at public personas and reputations. The whole experience is as freeing as it is empowering. The song’s hardship ever so subtly lies is in its dual nature – the punchy rhythms ploughing through the most vulnerable of phrases. The tune still gifts us with more than enough pop craftsmanship and prowess to satisfy every possible wish and need you could have. 

Just in case you did not already feel “Gone” hard enough, the video released alongside, just upped the game even more.  Fighting their restraints, the pair shows that good teamwork and great friends are stronger than any bond that could possibly hold you down. Powerful in their own right, the two ladies toss, turn and dance atop a car to an incredible choreography. Though the idea might seem mundane, the visual feeling, and passion that is communicated, makes the video close to a work of art in its own right. 

“Gone” will definitely be playing on repeat here at EUPH, and it’s definitely worth a check out if you haven’t already.