Atelier Blue – Empty Lungs

Rising London-based duo Atelier Blue have recently come out with a new single “Empty Lungs”, following up their debut track “Haunted” released earlier this year.

Olivia McShane and Alex Bloomfield have been steadily crafting their contemporary synth-pop sound to produce a fresh take on the tangled webs of love. The track premiered on Dummy Mag, with Olivia explaining, “it represents feelings we know all too well: being in love, feeling trapped, needing someone so much you resent yourself for it, the release of energy after a fight”.

Having been recorded in McShane’s homemade bedroom studio, the domestication of the production matches the domestication of the lyrics, dropping a fresh soft take on synth-pop, with a unique piece of cover art to match.

The track’s SoundCloud hashtag “#MoodPop’ is very fitting, with silky, passionate vocals layered over an enticing instrumental of guitar riffs and echoing beats. McShane’s repeated cry of “why can’t I get what I want” takes a familiar frustration and wraps it in velvet, sharing a feeling that has been felt and thought through multiple times. It plays with something a little bit dark and self-serving but ultimately fronts as catchy and fun.

The duo have clearly got something special, and we’re excited to closely follow their Instagram @atelierblue__ and see what’s next.