SHY Martin

We had a chat with SHY Martin about her latest single “Same Old”, performing her own work vs writing for others, and what’s coming next.

Your new single “Same Old” is inspired by a bittersweet breakup with a supportive love when you went to music school. Does your ex know you’ve written this song about them?

I haven’t spoken to him in years. I don’t know if he’s heard the song yet, but I think he would probably know by now that I’ve written a song about him.

What are your tips for recovering from a breakup?

Do everything but become a songwriter [laughs]. As a writer, you never let yourself get over something or someone, as you always end up digging through old emotions. I think one of the best things you can do though after a break up is to spend time with friends and family.

How has the reaction been to the single so far?

I’ve got so many messages from people saying they relate to the lyrics and sharing their stories with me, which has been amazing. To be honest I was really nervous about the release as the song is very genuine and personal. I’ve never really talked about who my songs are about, but with this one, I felt like I had to. I’ve received nothing but support and good reactions so far which I’m really grateful for.

Photo: Hampus Hjellström

You’ve written for artists such as Bebe Rexha, Kygo, Jess Glynne and The Chainsmokers. How does it feel to perform your own work compared to creating it for other people?

I definitely feel more exposed when I’m performing my own songs. I’m such a perfectionist and I’m almost never happy with my performance, which gives me a lot of anxiety most of the time. I still keep releasing songs though, so I guess I feel the need to tell my own stories even if it’s really tough sometimes. I feel like writing for others is so much easier as I’m able to take a step back and take some pressure off myself.

How did you start out in the industry?

I’ve loved music since I was a kid. I started playing instruments from a really young age and also wrote poems and novels to express myself. When I was 17 I signed to EMI in Sweden, but never released anything. Three years later I started studying at a music school in northern Sweden, Musikmakarna. During the second year of studying there, me and my boyfriend wrote a couple of songs on my couch that we then started sending to people, despite not being signed. Luckily enough we managed to get three songs placed with artists that were then released just a few months later and launched both of our careers; ‘The Ocean’, ‘All We Know’ and ‘Taped Up Heart’.

What’s the meaning behind your stage name, SHY Martin?

I actually have a twin brother who’s name is Martin. He was really shy as a kid as I took up all the space. So it’s kind of in honor of him.

Looking back on your career so far, did you foresee your success?

Answer: My mum has always inspired me to practice affirmation, and I’ve always been good at setting and writing down goals for myself. Music has always been my biggest dream, but I never could have imagined that I’d be able to spend each and every day working with it in some way.

What can we expect from you moving forwards?

Honestly, I have so many songs I just wanna release, either myself or with someone else. Writing songs is my biggest passion and I’m going to try to spend more time doing that in the coming months. So in other words, one thing you can definitely expect from me is more music!