Helena Christensen Directs Oh Land’s “Family Tree” Music Video

On Oh Land’s video for “Family Tree”, supermodel Helena Christensen proves that her knowledge of beauty extends beyond her iconic face. As a director, Christensen creates a canvas against which Oh Land’s (real name Nanna Øland Fabricius) haunting vocals are celebrated to and lifted. A snowy wood, and a frozen stream serve as the fairytale setting for this unique vocal talent.
The two Danish women’s collaboration is an ideal match when you take into consideration the stylistically simple photoshoots that former model Christensen once collaborated on as well as Nanna’s naturalistic vocal talent. That simplicity remains as a theme in the video and it’s a perfect choice for the track. Anything additional would take away from the beauty of the song.
It’s a meeting of artistry. Christensen more than anyone knows how to create a beautiful picture, and Oh Land raises that picture to impossible heights of sensation with her own gift for intimate musical creation.
Whilst it is beauty for beauty’s sake, it doesn’t mean that the music video is shallow in the slightest. That is something else that Christensen brings to the table. The idea that something can be pleasing to the eye and ear, and that there is substance in the act of appreciating that.
Beauty is the theme of this video and this song. The beauty of childhood, and the simplicity of the small pleasures that growing up leaves behind. The beauty in the vivid pink of Nanna’s hair and the stark white of everything else. It’s relaxing and pleasing to the eye and ear. It’s also pleasing to the heart. A shock of relief when other videos or artists seek to rile up the listener, this video seeks the exact opposite. To make you feel safe, make you feel at home in Nanna’s family tree. I would like to be part of it. I would like to live in this video.