Claudia Bouvette

There are a million ways to describe love and heartbreak but no medium captures the experience quite like a good pop song. Claudia Bouvette is a synth-pop artist whose recently released debut EP Cool It soundtracks the trials of heartache through infectiously good 80s-influenced bedroom pop. Filled to the brim with dreamily produced tracks, Cool It is an expertly cohesive debut. The music video for her latest single “Don’t Like It,” directed by Montreal based talent Caraz, features Bouvette dressed in striking monochrome colors against the beautiful backdrop of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Quebec. We spoke to the Montreal based pop artist on the release of her new EP and the inspiration behind the “Don’t Like It” music video.

 Why did you choose “Cool It” as the title for your debut EP?

It represents best my general vibe. everything is important but nothing really matters so let’s just remind ourselves that life can be chill and fun if we want to. We’re in control and we get to decide. It’s about awareness and being able to take time in gratitude

How does this EP symbolize where you are as an artist?

You know when you feel you’ve been waiting for something your whole life? I feel that way about this project. For different reasons I waited several years to finally get it done. This past year of writing and digging to find my sound is such a liberation. Nothing happens for nothing and I feel like I had to wait to be ready to create this EP the right way. It is me and I’m proud.

Which song was the most difficult to write?

I would probably say “Back to Life” because we struggled over months to make that song a vibe of its own. The sounds needed to be on point so the dorky 80’s vibe would feel right and not cheesy. The saxophone player really added magic to this song!

The music video for your single “Don’t Like It” just came out, what was the creative process behind that?

Caraz is an amazing director and she really brought out the best of what I would’ve wanted for this videoclip. She had this vision of me being in my own space, confident in my body to really bring out the independent and empowerment feel of taking decisions for ourselves. We played with different cameras and effects to make if very dynamic and connected with the music. We used Bolex, fish eye, 360 GoPro and Steadicam.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

It is my personal journey that I share in the EP. I think I’m a very sensitive person that tends to lives everything intensely and for me these songs are just me being real about my experiences and the way I’ve been through them. I hope people will feel less alone be listening to my music.

Do you remember the moment you decided that you wanted to pursue music?

There has never been “a moment” when I realised I wanted to pursue music. I always knew it was what I wanted to do. But I really felt like I had to wait for the perfect moment to do it. Two winters ago was the first time in years I had no job for a couple of months so I knew that was the right time.

What have you learned in the process of creating your debut EP that you will be bringing with you to your next body of work?

I learnt that results come only with hard work and this EP came to life with countless hours of work. I know we could of had a good album after 4 months of working but we decided to give it more time to grow to deepen the creative process and after a year and 30 songs writing we finally felt like we had found the sound.