NYFW: Men’s Day SS20

You know what time it is! New York Fashion Week: Men’s Spring/Summer 2020 shows kicked off on June 3rd in NYC. Our Fashion Editor, Jason Tez was on the scene and scoped out trends to look out for next year. Here’s our quick recap of each designers presentations.

David Hart
Bringing clean lines with his well-cut suit and tailored trouser in neutral colors of grey, black, and white, David Hart remains true to his minimalist style. He does bring a small pop of color with a few key accent pieces in striking blue. On top of that, he has few matching ensembles and jackets that feature a special design on the fabric, which is the cutting edge print of a multitude of people gathered together.

Amirok by Michael Nelson
This collection of Amirok by Nelson was greatly inspired by the film of Jim Jarmusch, called Only Lovers Left Alive; particularly the scenes shot in Tangiers and Morocco. As a result, the runway was full of fabulous intricate embroidery with warm toasty colors. The looks literally bring us to another place and era with a nostalgic vibe.

The fusion of synthetic materials, inspired by the environment surrounded by nature, makes up the presentation of Feign and its Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Plastic details of pieces such as jackets and raincoats contrast with copper tone blazers and transparencies. The collection is inspired by Where’s the Honey, which details a bee ripped in half being searched for honey from its insides by a praying mantis.

Timo Weiland
From blue to red, the spring collection of 2020 by Timo Weiland abounds in contradiction to promote their “fun in dressing up” theme. One end of the spectrum are the tonalities inspired by the foam of the sea in two-piece suits perfectly cut with the influence of the seventies. On the other end are flagrant red tones in sports blazers with XL pockets and fit cut pants that offer an updated silhouette for men.

The reinvention of men’s fashion was definitely noticed at the Abysm presentation as they try to redefine minimalism by marrying the hardness of the urban jungle and the softness untouched culture. They somehow made an ode to futurism with unconventional material and bold silhouettes. The uses of black and white along with oversized pieces offered stark contrast and a rebellious feel.

Ka Wa Key
The essence of patchwork is taken to another level by Ka Wa Key, where the new vision of grunge aesthetics is explored through the checkered pattern, which makes up the spring collection. With t-shirts that hangover, wide sleeves, wide leg pants, the casual vibe is inspired by the people who have sailed the seas.

Private Policy
Inspired by the Stonewall Inn Riot which transpired 50 years back, Private Policy calls for the community so the world can overcome societal challenges and everyone can prevail with courage together. As such, the pieces have an old school, traditional vibe reminiscent of the days gone by.

Krammer & Stoudt
Minimalist in design, the Krammer & Stoudt capsule collection of denim essentials highlighted the modern man’s necessities in today’s fast-paced world. The silhouettes are all contemporary and the best part is that they do not break the bank. We loved the neon tote bags and customized look of their pieces which included hand-painted neon flames and patches on the denim jackets.

Descendant of Thieves
As always, Descendant of Thieves never fails to impress as their models strutted down the runway wearing various ensembles. The collection consists of bold sweaters and easy trousers for ease of dwelling in an urban jungle.

The simplicity of the whites and pastel pinks create a pure atmosphere in the presentation of the Tanaka collection. Technical-looking garments with multiple pockets complement a casual view of the men’s wardrobe.

Vasilis Loizides
Drama and exaggeration take us to the point of normality: this is how Vasilis presented his collection. He made use of volume, ruffles, color, and cuts, this is a type of design that we will surely continue to see for days to come.

Todd Hessert
Urban pastel and gray tones dominated the Todd Hessert collection. He updates pajamas as a classy staple and they look super comfortable and wearable. Baggy shorts above the knee and long sleeve t-shirts were also noteworthy pieces that tied everything together.