Playlist: Baker Grace

New Jersey native, Baker Grace, shares an exclusively curated playlist for EUPHORIA featuring some of the songs that inspired her EP, Girl, I Know.

“These are the songs I was listening to most often at the time I was creating the EP,” Baker Grace tells us. “I think the confidence and self-reflection that all of these artists brought into their music inspired me to be honest and vulnerable in my own music. The concepts of finding yourself and finding the truth are prevalent in my EP and throughout this playlist. My EP also consists of  a mix of the styles and genres in the playlist: hip hop, pop, and alternative music.”

1. “Runaway” – Kanye West 

This song is so simple yet so powerful. It accepts our tendency to find the negative and blame others for our pain and only with self-reflection can we better ourselves.

2. “The Way Life Goes” -Lil Uzi Vert

I love the choral melodies and the fact that it makes me feel like everything is gonna be okay, like no matter what happens I am strong enough to prevail.

3. “Love on The Brain” -Rihanna

The production and her voice are so powerful, vulnerable, and emotional. I listened to this countless times.

4. “Can’t Tell me Nothing” -Kanye West

This song is all about self confidence and gives me the courage to follow my passion no matter what anybody has to say about it.

5. “Love Yourz” – J.Cole

The melodies and lyrics in this song are beautiful but more importantly the message that getting everything means nothing if you never learned to love what you have.

6. “Unsteady” -X Ambassadors

I think this song brought everybody together, it is a good reminder that someone always cares and we are not alone in feeling alone.

7. “One Man Can Change The World” -Big Sean

This song gives me strength and empowers me to make a difference, I like the down-tempo delivery and soft melodies.

8. “Where is the Love?” The Black Eyed Peas

This is just a classic, it just speaks the truth.

9. “Sorry” -Halsey

I love the concept of the song and the pure honesty of the message. The powerful simplicity of the delivery is just as honest and powerful as the song itself. 

10. ”If I ain’t got you” – Alicia Keys

I’ve loved this song since I was a little kid. It never gets old and always reminds me that love is the most important thing.

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