Premiere: Casey Lowry – You Told Me You Loved Me

Casey Lowry today premieres the music video for his latest single, “You Told Me You Loved Me.”

The second tune he’s released this year, Lowry has become known for his candid lyrics and delightful melodies. His latest song, however, is slightly left of field from his usual tropical, upbeat sound. “You Told Me You Loved Me” covers themes of mental health and societal pressures, specifically around the emotions men go through after a break up.

“I made this video out of some of the themes within “You Told Me You Loved Me”. There’s this whole connotation that men don’t speak out about their feelings and I think it’s true. It can often be really hard to get emotions across and I think that’s really damaging in modern day society,” Lowry explains. “The video dashes through the feelings of a guy who is genuinely upset, and doesn’t know who to speak to or how to act about his situation, so I wrote You Told Me You Loved Me as a result of those thoughts and feelings.”

Check out the video for the first time:

Photos: Meeks-Rayvon