Premiere: Munkey Junkey – Look Out Below

Electronic artist and producer, Munkey Junkey, today premieres his latest single, “Look Out Below” with EUPHORIA.

“Look Out Below” amalgamates pop, rock and funk for a track reminiscent of 21 Pilots and The 1975. Filled with trembling guitars riffs and eclectic percussion, Munkey’s vocals weave in and out of the song through a vocoder.

For Munkey, the song is all about letting go. On the new tune, Munkey reflects on some of his life’s struggles and endeavours to not let the world frustrate him. The lyrics are all too relatable for those of us constantly shrouded in self-doubt: “Reality is poisonous / I don’t really eat, no / I don’t really sleep, no /  I’m just tryna be somebody else.”

Like his sound, Munkey (real name Kurran Karbal) is a coalescence. Being of both Indian and English descent, he was born in New York but grew up in Abu Dhabi, Switzerland and the U.K. Experiencing life on several corners of the world exposed him to a wide range of musical soundscapes that helped shape the artist he is today. 

Hear Munkey Junkey’s new track, “Look Out Below” for the first time: