Rhys Lewis – In Between Minds

Battling through the barriers takes courage. Relighting the fire inside of you can sap your energy. Being a warrior and staving off life’s upheavals and hardships may break you, the knots in your stomach when you’re under the seething eyes of anxiety can be painful, but you need go forward and pulverise these thoughts and feelings, and become the person you ultimately need to be.

Cordoning off adversity is a skill in itself. Breathing new life into your art forcefully pushes you to the edge. Nullifying traits that take you to the darkness is the hardest part, but if you’re strong enough and see a glint of light coming through the grey, the dimness, the gloom, then you’re on the right track. Time is moving swiftly, so embrace the world and its goodness, craft your muse, and solidify your place in reason.

Rhys Lewis has breached these barriers with his new EP In Between Minds. The singer/songwriter cultivates his own unique sound; a sound of validation. He has cleansed his mind on this new venture, although there are still some cathartic words nestled between the lines. The man is an absolute gem of a craftsman, making music which doesn’t tire or becomes one dimensional. Every song leaves its mark, every track is a nod to his talent as a wordsmith and instrumentalist.

On this EP, Lewis’s voice is tuned to absolute faultlessness. The precision and intricacy should be commended. The ingenuity and intelligence also. Lyrically we’re taken on a journey of self-reflection. Lewis sings and plays out, letting his demons know he means business. He also lets us know he’s not fully healed, as there are times when we hear him become unhinged by life. This type of music carries us through the flashpoints of the musician in question. And with Lewis, it’s no different.

The undercurrents can be fierce here. The subject matter is cathartic, we don’t expect to hear bells ringing out or parades of people securing love. What we expect to hear is a heart belting and a voice aching. In Between Minds spearheads this and has been thoughtfully presented as a solemn piece of truth.

The EP showcases a master at work. We hear “Hold Onto Happiness” as a starting point to beauty. Lewis sings with courageousness implanted into his voice. He strikes loves inner workings here and tells us to hold on. The acoustic melody is ever so angelic. End Like This ventures into a piano-laced triumph. The beat, the harmony all integrate wonderfully well. Vocally, Lewis is on point here, the sweetness of his voice isn’t glorified in any way. “Lonely As Love” begins with a classic tinge. Lewis conveys about love and its unkind reputation. These protagonists come together and sulk under the spotlight, but are motivated to patch the breaking weak points. The instrumentals provide energy.

Rhys Lewis is a commendable musician rising up and securing praise and he deserves every stitch of credibility. With this EP, he has showcased unprecedented ability.  

Photography: Jack Alexander
Styling: David Hawkins at Frank Agency
Grooming: Sophie Moore at Era Management
Special thanks: Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch