Premiere : Jasmine Thompson – colour (amen)

EUPHORIA today premieres the official live video for “Colour (Amen)”, lifted off Jasmine Thompson’s recently released new EP titled Colour. Having already garnered a devoted following with her much-loved covers, her latest EP sees Jasmine craft a sound that’s distinctly her own. Throughout the EP, she effortlessly interweaves intriguingly inventive production with intimate yet accessible lyricism, resulting in an endlessly alluring collection of tracks that showcase Jasmine’s immense talent and incredible potential.

Speaking of the track, Jasmine shared “Colour (Amen)” is about accepting the ups and downs and having patience with yourself while going through the low periods. I wrote this song a good couple of years ago, and I love how every time I listen to it or sing it, it is still relevant in my life.”

The official live video for “Colour (amen)” stunningly showcases Jasmine’s incredible vocal abilities and evidences her ability to convey a bewildering array of absorbing emotion almost instantaneously. Masterfully accompanied by a full live band, Jasmine’s self-assured vocal delivery is immediately enthralling, absorbing the listener into the track’s stirring sentiment.

It’s evident from her impassioned performance the deep resonance that this track has to Jasmine, she delivers it in a way that demands to be fully felt. While there’s a reassuring familiarity to her remarkable voice, it’s also dazzling distinct and intriguing in a truly unparalleled way.