MARINA – Superstar

With only a month before the release of Marina’s new album, Love + Fear, the songstress released another insight on what the sound of the album might be like. Thus far, we have been gifted with her sensual collaboration with Clean Bandit, “Baby,” as well as her emotionally touching “Handmade Heaven.” Both of these tracks seem to find themselves on the Love side of the album. Adding to this side, Marina just put out a track entitled “Superstar.”

“Superstar” is unique compared to the rest of the new songs. It seems nostalgic, yet still possesses a sense of freshness. The song holds onto Marina’s lyrical roots and vocal style, but also intertwines and sprinkles her new, playful sound.

Lyrically, “Superstar” is Marina admiring a love one. The song opens up with her explaining that she knew she loved this person since the moment they had kissed. We then dive into the pre-chorus, where she expresses how difficult it is to dream and sleep when they are apart. Considering we discover in the chorus that the couple works best when they are together, being far a part and not even being inspired makes sense. They are each other’s muse. The chorus dives deeper into the ideas of admiration as she expresses: “Come and save my day, you’re my superstar.” In the song’s second verse, she continues to deepen her connection with this person. Although this song has more of a pop feel, compared to Marina’s past discography, she still incorporates her poetic lyricism. For example, Marina states that: “My love is a planet revolving around your heart.”

We later go into the song’s bridge, which slows down our pace before hitting the final chorus. This timeless section of the song seems to strip away everything besides the bond between the pair. Marina expresses that if they can make it “through the storm,” than they can get through anything. After this declaration, we return back to the bubbly, and groovy chorus.