rhys lewis

Rhys Lewis for Issue #11

rhys lewis
Rhys wears T-Shirt & Jacket by MYAR | Pants by AMI | Shoes by Grenson

On his songwriting process:
“The emotional content to start a song has always come from a real thing in my life. It’s honestly like therapy, you have to be in touch with your own mind, it’s like getting something out of you that’s no longer in your head. Although using it as an outlet can be scary, it can be revealing, but it’s honest.”

On his track “Hold Onto Happiness”:
“It was really cathartic writing that song. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world. It’s easy to feel helpless, but positivity can make a change. There are so many issues that divide us and it’s a time more than ever to feel more protective over our lives. We need to be communicating more and understanding each other.”

On an artist that’s inspired him:
“[That’s] a really tough one… Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) was an inspiration when I was growing up. He made a massive impact on me when I first got into music and played guitar. That energy was powerful and bold. I listened to the words– it was like these amazing, storytelling lyrics. He was a proper inspiration, a role model to me.”

rhys lewis
Rhys wears Top by Ben Sherman | Pants by AMI

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Words: Mark McConville
Photography: Jack Alexander
Styling: David Hawkins at Frank Agency
Grooming: Sophie Moore at Era Management
Special thanks: Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch