Flawes – Don’t Count Me Out

British alt-pop trio Flawes are returning after an 18-month hiatus from the limelight, with the impeccably produced single “Don’t Count Me Out.” The voluntary intermission was implemented as a deliberate attempt to nail down a signature sound for the band, a theory which has proven successful, as this is only the first of three excellent tracks, set to be released in the next few months.

What’s strange about the self-imposed departure is that there was no obvious roadblocks or internal conflicts impeding the bands momentum or hindering their success. In fact, few groups launched as explosively as Flawes did, emerging from the practice room into the open arms of BBC Introducing and Radio 1, ending up with a No.8 placement on Spotify’s viral chart. With the ink barely drying on their Red Bull Record deal, hunkering down and shunning the gravy train of affable publicity and opportunities made the band appear as though they were suffering from a serious case of self-sabotage.

Reemerging with a song like “Don’t Count Me Out” must feel incredibly vindicating for the London-based group. Full of nuanced pop atmospherics, bold lyrics and emotive melodies, the single is a clear indication that the band needed this time-out to properly mine a new creative vein. It’s a positive sign that they are aware of value of letting their artistry breath, allowing their music to move through several permutations before settling on a one-dimensional version itself – which is what other great bands have done in the past to great effect, namely Radiohead.

“Don’t Count Me Out” marks the start of a new era for Flawes, who are clearly a band that is less enamored with the spotlight than they are concerned with producing lasting work.