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Zak Abel – You Come First ft. Saweetie

Zak Abel’s new single “You Come First” is just as full of innuendos and double entendres as you’d expect from the title: “Darling you come first/Let me give you what you deserve” and “Let me go down, down, down, down/You don’t even need to ask me.” What might come off as obnoxious from other singers, Zak manages to pull off in a charming manner.

The London crooner is known for his R&B/soul tracks, with his wide smile and chirpy lyrics winning fans over. The video for the single is the perfect example of how a low-key production can still be totally impactful, with the focus on music instead of over-the-top sets and special effects. Whistling in to a retro microphone and sporting a mixture of sharp suits and hip, pared back outfits Zak embodies the modern vintage revival. Backing singers sway in sequinned dresses, harmonising with the chorus and performing Sixties style synchronised dance moves.

The premise of the video sees Zak as a ‘Grow Your Own Boyfriend’ doll, witnessing guy after guy mistreat his owner while she fantasies about all the things her perfect boyfriend could do for her. More upbeat than ‘Love Song’ – the preceding release from “You Come First” with over 17 million streams on Spotify – the video for Abel’s latest track emits a fun vibe and a level of school boy cheek that you can’t help but smile at. There’s also a lot of Zak Abel’s face which I’m okay with.

The singer/songwriter has collaborated with a whole hoard of artists including Avicii, Gorgon City and Wretch 32. ’You Come First’ features Bay-area rapper and Instagram queen Saweetie, looking fierce as she pulls a Dita Von Teese in the video, writing around in a giant martini glass. Encapsulating Fifties glamour, Saweetie wears a glitzy Jessica Rabbit-esque mini dress and is draped in sparkles as she raps her verse, matching Zak’s playful attitude.

You can catch Zak on his ‘Zak Abel Presents Date Night’ tour, which kicks off in Manchester on 14th March before he plays his biggest show to date at London’s Roundhouse on the 16th.