Ginette Claudette by Angie Vasquez
Ginette Claudette by Angie Vasquez

Ginette Claudette

There are numerous ways to boost your resume if you’re an aspiring musician growing up in New York City. Ginette Claudette has checked off many of the boxes at the top of the list— including attending a small performing arts high school in the Bronx and performing at a talent showcase hosted at the legendary Apollo Theatre. The R&B songstress even follows in the footsteps of her namesake, her mother, who was a pop star in the Dominican Republic.

After refining her sound and working with some of the top producers in the game (such as The Stereotypes, Rico Love, and Babyface), Claudette has released a new EP entitled On To Something. The new body of work demonstrates the young artist’s ability to create a cohesive body of work that is representative of where Claudette is in her life.

We spoke with Ginette Claudette about the new music video for her song “Love Me Back,” what inspires her, and the lessons she’s learned as she works toward making a name for herself.

I love the nostalgia factor in the music video for your song “Love Me Back,” what were some of the visual inspirations behind it?

The “Love Me Back” video was inspired by a bunch of daytime dramas like Days Of Our Lives and retro shows like I Love Lucy etc. I wanted to make the video fun all while keeping the feels in there. The whole time my love interest is pining over all of these beautiful fantasy women on TV, women I wish he could see me in, all while I’m vying for his attention. The theatrics made this one so much fun.

You got to work with a lot of amazing producers like The Stereotypes on this EP, what was that experience like for you?

Working with the Stereotypes was a blast! Those guys have been long time friends of mine so work doesn’t even become work anymore. I love collaborating with family because it makes the product that much better!

What is your favorite lyric that you’ve ever written?

Hard to say for all time, but on this project, it’s a no-brainer. On “Love Me Back” in the second verse I say, “wish your hands were on my skin when they travel, I know I’m losing when I’m losing the battle, I be all up in the show like a natural, makes it hard when you’re the EX and the FACTOR” paying homage to one of my favorite songs ever, “Ex Factor” of course! That whole verse gives me goosebumps!

Is there is someone or something that you find inspiration from when you’re stuck on a song?

If I’m stuck on a song, I just don’t force it. I put the idea down for a second and just do something else for a bit. Writing is a release, it’s fun, it should never feel like a job and when it does I just give myself a second. Practising the skill of songwriting though is a whole other thing and writer’s block does make you rely on skill sometimes.

Do you remember the moment when you realized that you wanted music to be your career?

I remember watching my mother rehearse this sad song called “Tu Muñeca (Your Rag Doll)” when I was like 3 and crying. I don’t know if that is when I knew I wanted to do music but that’s when I knew I felt music in a different way.

What is something that you want listeners to take away from your music?

I just want people to feel like they aren’t alone in some of the things they’re feeling. One thing I love about my music is that no matter the context, sad, mad, happy etc., it always makes you feel good about whatever the situation is and I just want people to feel good.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from when you started working on your new EP, On To Something, to its release?

In the process of making On To Something, I think one of the key things I learned is to trust my gut more. My intuition has always guided me throughout my life, but nowadays I really trust it. I think I’m just coming into my own and my opinion matters to me more now.