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Cruel Youth – Portrait of a Female

It has been a month since Cruel Youth has put out their comeback single, “Devil in Paradise,” but that hasn’t stopped Teddy Sinclair just yet. Recently, she sat down for an interview with Paper Magazine to clearly tell her personal, controversial story. Sinclair talks about how she started out as a musician, her experiences during her Natalia Kills projects, the infamous X-Factor New Zealand moment, and how Cruel Youth best projects her free and matured self. Another important asset of this interview is that Sinclair premiered her latest song entitled: “Portrait of a Female.”

Something unique about “Portrait of a Female” is that it seems to send its audience back in time to the 60s. Sinclair’s vocals have heart and soul, yet still manages to hold on to Cruel Youth’s bittersweet style and undertones. While mimicking the sounds of an older love song, this track’s language is more playful and erotic, than one would suspect generally listening. Sinclair might be incorporating love and romance into this ode, but sex seems to play a key role. An example of this can be found in the song’s refrain: “It ain’t love if it don’t hurt / No safety word.” 

The song’s outro finishes the icing to the track’s sweet taste. Not only does Sinclair show off her vocal ability, but the lyrics sum up the song to a perfect ending. The beginning of the song describes more what her lover does to her, while the outro is her demanding that all she wants to do is “…bring out the worst in you.”

While there has yet to be an exact release date, more new Cruel Youth music should be underway in the new year.