Freya Ridings for Issue #10

freya ridings
Words: Ruth Blaney
Photographer: Jack Alexander
Styling: Adele Cany
Hair: Brady Lea
Makeup: Kristina Vidic
Set Design: Nienta Nixon

On teaching herself how to play piano by ear due to her dyslexia:
“I had to learn to work things out by ear. At the time, I thought it was a great weakness, but now I’m so grateful because I had to write my own songs because nobody else would literally teach me any… All my music teachers kind of gave up on me one by one.”

On how her fashion style has changed over the years:
“I think it’s definitely gone on a journey over the past year or so, I’ve had some very good help for which I’m very grateful. But overall, I think there’s a lot of green velvet. I have a green velvet bomber jacket that I’m obsessed with. Lots of greens and warm dark tones. I love velvet.”

On having her single “Lost Without You” in the Top 10:
“I never thought that anything I wrote would ever get on the radio, let alone get into the charts, but it’s amazing to have a song that doesn’t have any drums or be a typical pop song in any way do so well.”

freya ridings

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