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VOILÀ – Don’t

Pop/rock duo VOILÀ have just released a new single today, “Don’t”. The romantic track, featuring the pair’s falsettos set against an acoustic guitar, tells the heart-wrenching yet relatable story of a love that’s hard to give up, no matter what people say. This sentiment is captured in the song’s chorus: Everybody’s thinking I should give you up / But I don’t / You want me to forget you but I won’t”. 
The pair – consisting of Luke Eisner and Gus Ross – met at USC in LA and formed the band, VOILÀ. Of their new track, Gus says, “I can’t control who I fall for. I can only acknowledge and embrace the sensation of wanting what I know full well isn’t good for me.”
Luke said, “Growing up, there was this willow tree in my front yard. I would always try to climb it, but it was tough. My parents would yell at me and say I was going to get hurt, my friends would say I was wasting my time, and I still have a scar from falling. But, what they didn’t know is that when you got to the top you could see the most beautiful view. A view that made you forget every reason you hated the climb. I fell in love with a girl that was like that willow tree.”

Whilst they might have a knack for making endlessly listenable tracks, their talents don’t just lie in the world of music. Luke is also a successful male model (having done campaigns for Calvin Klein and H&M), and Gus – who attended the elite English all boy’s school Eton College, prior to moving to LA a few years back – previously sang in a jazz band in London.

Whilst their latest song, “Don’t” may be a classicly endearing boyband love song, don’t let that define them. One of their previously released singles, “Stand Tall” deals with the challenges of watching someone you love suffer from a terminal illness (in this case, Luke’s Dad dying of cancer).
They’ve recently begun playing their first ever shows, having opened for artists like Kesha, The Fray and X Ambassadors this past summer. Keep an eye out for more – these two are definitely ones to watch.