RUUMER – Gimme Some

This has truly, in every possible way been the year of female rebellion against the patriarchy. Whether that patriarchy is in government, in college boys with something to prove, or in the tyrannical male Hollywood players, women are ready to bite back. And it seems that bite reaches all the way to place of worship.

Beginning with Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman”, to King Princess’ “Pussy is God”, there truly is no power in heaven or earth that can quell the righteous and rightful anger that women are airing to the public, finally. Now, the next in a long line of empowering female musicians has arrived with a track that is both powerful and relevant.


The bicoastal sister duo RUUMER have recently dropped their newest banger “Gimme Some”, and this one has teeth. Featuring the legendary Boston party boy Sammy Adams, this song is an ode to good sex, unapologetic lust, and the simple fact that this act is as natural to our bodies and minds as good music.

Melis and Jess are former Catholic schoolgirls, and it is well known at this point that the God who is worshipped in these institutions is very different from the higher power who graced the human race with the capabilities of creation and pleasure. Whether it is making music or making love, RUUMER is here for both. We are inclined to agree with them