Hozier – Movement

Hozier is certainly looking to wow his fans with his upcoming sophomore album. With the release of his Nina Cried Power – EP, the soul-inspired songwriter smashed back onto the scene after a long hiatus and set a high bar for whatever he would do next. His new single, “Movement”, has lived up to the hype.

The subdued verses on “Movement” soon burst into an atmospheric chorus; Hozier crooning with more passion than we’ve maybe ever heard from him before. A stripped down instrumental gives room for the gorgeous background vocals to shine as well. It all harmoniously convenes into a final show-stopping chorus and brings “Movement” into the realm of some of Hozier’s very best singles.

So move me, baby/Shake like the bough of a willow tree/You do it naturally/Move me, baby.

Along with the new track comes a video component as well. Hozier’s smooth vocals are accompanied by a breathtaking interpretive dance through multiple abandoned sites. Though the dancer moves through such lonely, empty spaces, the raw emotion from the choreography lights up the screen and acts as a perfect counterpart to the tune.

If these latest singles are any indication of what Hozier’s next album release will sound like, you can be sure that it’s shaping up to be something monumental.