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Billie Marten – Blue Sea, Red Sea

Billie Marten had teased fans with another track, “Blue Sea, Red Sea”, which was recorded on four-track tape at producer Ethan John’s house in Bath. This delicate, bittersweet melody was born out of the conflicting emotions of hiding behind a smile despite feelings of melancholy. Something everyone at one point has grappled with. Billie Marten has never been one to shy away from discussing mental health and sharing her experiences of S.A.D (Seasonal Affective disorder).

When speaking of the new track, Billie said, “I get S.A.D disorder real bad so my head was a bit blue. I decided to sit and write the happiest, simplest pop song I could. I was really missing my family at the time and felt like I needed to fall into a clear blue sea or something. I liked the idea of the Jewish pilgrimage to the Dead Sea, where salt strips your skin clean and everything is new again.”

“Blue Sea, Red Sea” is an endearing and beautiful track with a touch of sentimental sadness. Marten’s honeyed vocals are delicate and subdued with an air of fragility. Her feelings of vulnerability is projected as she sings, ‘The snow is falling heavy – Wish my mother would come get me.” The song was written on a rather miserable winter’s day, shortly after moving away from her family home in Yorkshire and down to London, where she has spent a great deal of time sofa surfing and living life out of a bag – an experience gruelling to many.

After alluding to feelings of homesickness she then goes on to express toughness and her determination to take care of herself with: “Don’t pick on me with your sympathy – I don’t, I don’t need you to love me’. The dissonance in the lyrics contrasts well with the backdrop of the gentle, upbeat drums and humble guitar riff. The fact that Marten forced herself to write something happy on a day when she was feeling a little worse for wear is evident throughout this charmingly timid tune. This attempt to distract from feelings of sadness is further reflected in the carefree ‘la la la’ of the fluttery chorus, carrying you away to a state of solemn elation.

Billie Marten has some live dates coming up and will be joining Isaac Gracie on his UK tour throughout November.