LUCIA – Cheap Talk

LUCIA’s music manages to transcend genre, resulting in tracks that excite with extraordinary uncertainty. The release of their debut EP, Best Boy, saw them rightfully garner bountiful critical acclaim for their spirited and high-powered style. Their sophomore EP, Cheap Talk, sees LUCIA return with a sharper sound and choruses that feel purpose made for the vastness of the festival fields that LUCIA will soon be dominating.

Stand-out track “Summertime” utilizes quick-witted lyricism and radiant guitars to evoke nostalgic memories of carefree summers filled frenzied adventure and endless sunshine. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of “Summertime” is its’ insatiable addictiveness, which serves as a testament to track’s undeniable splendour.

The EP’s opener “Cheap Talk” sees the return of the grittiness that’s ever-present throughout their earlier work. The punchy vocals and indefatigable drum beat drive the track through it’s 2:46 runtime without ever showing any sign of faltering. The EP’s two other tracks act a splendid showcase for the quartet’s willingness to experiment with their sound, providing an electrifying counter-point to a genre often shrouded in repetitiveness.

Photo: Neelam Khan

Speaking about the new EP, LUCIA’s frontwoman Lucia Fairfull says, “Over the past year we have been playing shows relentlessly and developing our sound and we feel that this collection of songs captures every angle of where LUCIA stands right now. It is a journey of young heartbreak and angst, with a blend of everything that inspires in between.’

Having already played prestigious slots at world-renowned festivals such as SXSW and Boardmasters, the future is undoubtedly bright for this Glaswegian indie-rock four piece. Their musical approach is undeniably rooted in the unadulterated pleasure of timeless college rock and the euphoria of carefree indie-pop, but their sound still feels remarkably fresh and gratifying authentic.