LANY – If You See Her

LANY’s latest single “If You See Her” just further shows how much the group has grown since the release of their debut album last year. The lyrics, production, and overall melodic nature of their most recent tunes are getting better and better.

Fresh of off the Los Angeles-based pop trio’s newest record, Malibu Nights, “If You See Her” is yet another song about heartbreak and how something so great can go bad in the blink of an eye. “She said, ‘For life,’ so I’m confused / How’d she turn it off so fast?” sings LANY frontman Paul Klein about an ex-lover, who left him for reasons unknown.

Backed up by a swooning melody, Klein’s lyrics speak to the soul of anyone who has had a love disappear right in front of them. The melancholy verses transition into an epic, more hopeful chorus. “So if you see her/Tell her I’d do anything, I need her / I know I’m not perfect but we were/She says she doesn’t love me, don’t believe her/If you see her.”

“If You See Her” is another cathartic breakup anthem from LANY that sits in their catalog nicely, and is an integral track on their new album. Malibu Nights is out now.