Harlee – GIANT

There’s no shortage of club-ready dance tracks in this generation. If hip-hop is the new rock and roll, dance music is the new disco. It is the loud, celebratory soundtrack which pays tribute to youth and individuality. Ironically, it is hard to differentiate between the countless tracks which are dropped on a near-daily basis.
For Harlee, it’s her powerful, velvet voice which stands out on her latest track “GIANT,” a techno-centric club track that keeps you rewinding, trying to re-access the feeling of hearing it for the first time. It’s impossible not to be buoyed by the relentless energy and positivity that is inherent in this song.

Harlee was recently signed by Steve Madden’s 5Town Records, but once you read about her history penning singles as early as age 13, it starts to feel like it’s the record companies who are late in the game. It takes some serious prescience to be able to make a dance track lyrically sensible and that is exactly what Harlee does with this track. Because “GIANT” isn’t just a club track, it’s a genuinely good song. That’s how Harlee sets herself apart, with genuine talent and some serious pipes.