Exclusive Premiere: ANNALIA – Cycles

LA-based singer-songwriter, ANNALIA, is all about making pop songs with a twist. For her, this means focusing on real instrumentation and lyrics that have a greater depth and meaning. ANNALIA’s latest track, “Cycles”, which premieres with EUPHORIA today, certainly stays true to this.

The new song, which follows the release of her EP, Wavelength, earlier this spring, might be a catchy, slickly produced number, but that doesn’t overshadow the emotional narrative.

“Cyles” is about the experience ANNALIA had after enduring a relationship that “completely destroyed my self-confidence, independence, and sanity.” It’s an incredibly relatable song for many people who’ve experienced a toxic relationship. During the chorus, ANNALIA sings, “It’s all in cycles / Wish I could hate you but only stay mad for so long / And it’s a spiral / If I forgive you I don’t think I’ll ever move on.”

Photo: Brandon Sheer

“Emotional abuse is real,” ANNALIA tells us. “I never thought I would be someone to experience it, and it’s taken me a long while to understand it, but I’m processing. And during that processing, this song came to life.”

“It’s about figuring out how to navigate life after somebody has caused complete chaos in yours. It’s about accepting what happened and feeling all of the emotions that follow— the hurt, the confusion, the anger, the loss, the grief, the freedom, the joy. It’s about bouncing back and forth between each of these emotions. It’s about the panic attacks, the “on top of the world” moments, the 30 seconds of tears that somehow slip out, and the process of re-wiring your own thoughts in the aftermath.”

“If you can relate at all, I hope “Cycles” helps you dance all the bad feelings away and embrace your re-discovered power. It’s all in cycles. You got this.”