Kristina Bazan

We caught up with the multifaceted talent to chat about her latest single and debut EP

You were first known as a model, influencer and author. What led you to embark on a career in music?

I always loved writing. In fact, I’d say writing is one of my biggest passions. I am much better at writing than speaking. I also started my blog for this reason, because I absolutely loved sharing words like that with people, and stories. Throughout all my childhood I kept a diary where I would write every day, then my father bought me a keyboard and I began songwriting. Music became my diary reflecting a more subconscious part of my life. Music helped me understand so many things about myself and about life… It is a healer. So I hope my music can have that effect on others too, put words on emotions that are hard to express and find beauty in melancholy and sadness. I love the idea of making people happy with something sad or dark… Showing people not to be afraid of that side of themselves.

Does this new path mark a permanent move away from your previous pursuits?

For me, everything is linked and intertwined in life. One thing leads you to another and it’s just natural progression and evolution. Nothing is black and white, and I think our generation is incredibly multi-faced which is a beautiful thing. Why should we limit ourselves to do one thing if our hearts are pushing us to try more, to create more and share our journey. I am not moving anyway from anything but I do want to put all my energy into music now yes, and make it the priority in my life. But I keep my blog, as a diary where I write and share some personal words with my audience.

You’re about to release debut EP, EPVH1. What can we expect from it?

It is called EPHV1, which stands for EP Honey & Venom 1. This EP is the premise to my upcoming album due next year which will be called Honey & Venom. It’s like an introduction to what will follow… What to expect from it? Nothing, have no expectations, just have an open mind and let it take you somewhere new…

Talk me through the meaning behind the EP’s lead track, “VR”.

It is my favourite song I’ve released so far. I really love 80’s music and all the glam, psychedelic rock scene from the late 70’s, bands like Blondie or Siouxsie and the Banshees… I wanted a sound that would be dark, enigmatic and melancholic yet fun and sensual. I wanted to create a track that makes you want to make love, honestly, that was the whole point of it for me. And the subject itself is one that I am really interested in. I am fascinated by technology and our progression in that field. I think VR is going to take over the world in a massive way and will revolutionize entertainment in general as well as our social dynamics.

The music video for “VR” is amazing. What was the creative inspiration behind it?

Thank you! As soon as I wrote the track, I saw the entire music video in my head. In fact, it was so clear that I began working on the storyboard that very day. For me, sound and visual are very connected. So usually I judge the quality of a song by the kind of images it triggers in my mind. If the images are strong enough, the track is good. If I don’t see anything, it means there’s still a lot of work to do. Here in this situation, the song has such a strong identity, the music video came very naturally.