Billie Marten – Mice

“Mice” marks the long-awaited return of Billie Marten after the release of her debut record Writing of Blues and Yellows nearly two years ago. Back in May of this year, Billie teased on her Instagram that she had finished her second record – “album done, chickens fed x” she wrote. Today, we’re getting our first glimpse at that album with a song that finds Billie turning inward, recounting what she felt, “on a miserable day in Cornwall last year”, when she had the idea to write the song.

Backed by the sound of an electric guitar and a slow drum beat, Billie starts the song as an open book: I don’t understand why / most of the time / I’m living my life all wrong.” As the song continues, Billie’s lyrics reveal themselves to have nothing to do with mice at all, but instead, delve into the depths at which one can feel lost about their purpose or place in the world. One of the things that makes Billie’s music so special is how effortlessly she is able to paint a picture in listeners’ minds of what she feels, hears or does. Lyrics like “My smile is on the backseat” and “Sat on a dead man’s bench, / the sun clothes my neck / it covers my skin / the earth pulls me back” instantly draw listeners in, almost as if they are sharing these experiences with Marten herself.

The story of “Mice” revels in its ability to hold listeners’ attention with its simplicity. Marten’s signature soft vocals combined with her incorporation of a simplistic beat and relatable lyrics all work together to make a beautiful track. “Mice” is a joy to listen to, and we’re so excited that Billie Marten is back, shining brighter than ever before.

Give “Mice” a listen here: