photo credit: Lauren Kallen


How’d you decide to become a musician?

I don’t think it’s a decision particularly, more that it becomes obvious the older you get, the more you grow to love it, the better you get at it and then opportunities start presenting themselves and you find yourself in it! Well at least, that was my story.

Where do you find inspiration?

From anywhere honestly, my recent single’s about online dating so, literally anywhere.

What’s your favourite part of making music?

It’s a very therapeutic process for me as well as being super fun. You meet so many great people through writing too.

How is the EP coming? When can fans expect a release?

Well, thanks! I’m sprucing it currently. End of this year/beginning of next at the latest.

Tell us about your latest release, “Maybe 25”.

Well, I’d been on some bad tinder dates, which I started writing about, but that led to thinking more about connection in general and what’s normal for our generation. I took the idea and lyrics I had to Rory Andrew my main collaborator and we built the track in an evening.

Give us a little sneak peek of your next release. What can fans expect?

Solos and feels.

What’s been the hardest part? The most enjoyable?

The hardest part is knowing how unstable the music industry is and how fleeting success can be but then I wake up everyday and do what I love so I can’t complain!

What’s next?

More songs. ALLLL day.

photo credit: Lauren Kallen