the struts

The Struts ft. Kesha – Body Talks

Earlier this summer, English rock band, The Struts, released their latest single “Body Talks.” While this flirty track was put out for fans in June, the music video has recently debuted. In fact, to make this song even more special, The Struts took one of pop’s biggest female artists, Kesha, to join in on the fun.

The video opens up with the rock group arriving to the music video venue in a white Dodge Durango. While everything seems to be in muted colors, once the song hits, we are brought into a world of red and gold glitter; very suiting for a collaboration with the glitter goddess Kesha. Our first glance at Kesha appears early on, where she is on a spinning throne holding a chalice and a golden cane. Her typical rockstar bodysuit, accessorized with a glam punk star around her eye, fits perfectly in this rockstar atmosphere. Various red and gold glittered objects appear throughout the video, including: an ice cream, a skull, a pyramid, a pair of boots, a chess piece, and so much more. The vocal stylings of Luke Spiller, the lead vocalist of The Struts, seems to blend perfectly with Kesha’s to produce an edgy bop.

Once the chorus comes, we see the entire band along with Kesha jam out, which makes the audience see and feel how much fun this banger is. The red and gold background seems to switch every few seconds, along with everyone’s outfits. While the first verses of the track seem to feature Kesha, the middle of the track seems to spotlight her rock and roll side. By the end of the song, The Struts and Kesha all seem to vocally come together while visually rocking out. Glitter confetti is being thrown into the air right before the band leaves the set, and goes back into the car to head to their next venue.

We hope to see The Struts and Kesha collaborate again in the future for another fun, rock banger. Additionally, The Struts are rumored to have new music on the horizon.