james arthur
photo: Jack Alexander / EUPH.

James Arthur for Issue #8

james arthur
Words by: Aimee Phillips
Photography: Jack Alexander
Editor-in-Chief: Laura Ersoy
Styling: Issie Gibbons
Grooming: Nicola Schuller

On The X-Factor trying to mold him into an artist “that sells”:
“All [it] did was make me lash out, actually. I wish I’d just have let all that stuff happen and not got so angry about everything and just been like: ‘OK, I understand your opinion, but with respect, I want to do my own thing,’ instead of doing my own thing in a rebellious way. That turned into negative energy and it didn’t have to. A lot of controversy ensued from that which led to me doing things I regret. I think the bottom line is that I was an artist, I was fine the way I was and I just needed to learn a few valuable lessons. Thankfully I’ve learnt them now.”

james arthurOn reliving some of his darkest moments while songwriting:
“I think it’s important to draw upon those emotions and feelings; to try and take yourself back. That’s my job as a performer– to convey those emotions. As difficult as it is, it’s also therapeutic. The stage is where I dump all of that energy.”

james arthur

On his most recent collaboration with DJ, Marshmello:
“It’s a track with integrity. It wasn’t straight down the line pop music, it was hip hop too. It was one of those things where he had a song that he really believed in, wanted to put it out and felt like I was the best person for the song. It was as simple as that, really. I thought it was interesting having a chorus that was all falsetto. It seemed to fit me perfectly and it was an honor to be part of a Marshmello track.”

james arthur

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