bobi andonov
photo: Jerry Maestas / EUPH.

Bobi Andonov

Take me back to the beginning. How did you get started in music?
Well it all started when I was 12 years old. My family took me to an audition for the Broadway play, The Lion King in Melbourne AUS and by some chance I got the role as young Simba. I didn’t know what The Lion King was. Growing up with an older brother I didn’t really get to watch cartoons or anything like that, instead we’d watch something like ‘The Dreamers’, but after that moment I was hooked. I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

Where do you find inspiration? Whether it’s other people’s music, art, the world?
Watching the right films really inspires me. I usually hook up a little midi keyboard to my laptop while the film is playing in the background and find sounds that feel right to the scene and mood I’m feeling. I also listen to a lot of old school artists like Prince, George Michael. I love lyrically where the went. They took risks and weren’t afraid to let people in through their music whether it was talking about sex, love or sadness.

What three words would you use to describe your sound?
Musically I would say dark, sensual, pop. I love balancing new vibes with a soul touch. Aesthetically I love keeping a lot of things dark and curious whether it’s in my videos or overall vibe. I think naturally I’m just drawn to stuff like that.

photo: Jerry Maestas / EUPH.

Tell us about “Faithful.” Is it based on personal experience?
Faithful came together in a natural way. Nick who I work with a lot and is also a close friend, made this really cool dark and intense track and knew I would love it. My mind lyrically went into that direction lyrically cause I felt like that’s what the track needed. It isn’t based on a personal experience, but I feel like youth and monogamy don’t always blend together well and I feel like a lot of people can relate.

Tell us about the inspiration behind an upcoming release you’re really excited about.
“Offering” was an idea I started one year ago, with a few friends that I love working with. Its more R&B, but I can’t wait to release it because I feels like it shows a different side to me. I always wanted to make an R&B, sexy, slow jam.

photo: Jerry Maestas / EUPH.

What artists would you want to collaborate with in the future?Oh wow there’s so many. I love Childish Gambino. He’s just constantly pushing himself as an artist and keeps creating impactful cool art. I love that guy!!!!!

Who is one of your style influences?
Elvis Presley, he’s just the king of style. It’s crazy how much he still influences me.

What up-and-coming artists have you been into?
I really like Billie Eilish. I think she awesome. I love her vibe. I also recently went to Coachella for the first time and saw King Krule. I loved his set and how many cool elements blend together in his music. I think he’s a really important artist.

If you had to live off one food, what would it be?
Nutella on toast. I eat it for breakfast and before I got to bed. I just can’t get enough.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently or change?
I think as a kid I was really well behaved and never wanted to do the wrong thing because music was the main focus and feel like I may have missed out a little just being a kid. So I wish I could go back and be a bit more rebellious.

photo: Jerry Maestas / EUPH.

What’s your all-time favorite movie?
That’s just too hard. I can say two of my favorites would be Raging Bull and Godfather 2.

What was your last Google search?
Ummm… Let me check. I searched “Baby did a bad bad thing’ by Chris Isaak. Love that track, but I didn’t know it was by him.

Finally, what’s next, new and exciting?
Well I just recently started doing some live shows in LA and NYC. It was such a rush seeing a crowd reacting to your music for the first so I just want to keep on doing that. Releasing more music, more videos and an official EP sometime this year.

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