Pizzagirl – Favourite Song

In his new music video we get to take a walk through the gloomy, purple tinted world of Pizzagirl (not a girl, and not sponsored by any major pizza corporations).

Pizzagirl’s mastery of emotional pop is perfectly displayed in this track, the blend of plucky synths with a dark, gloomy synthwave bassline could easily soundtrack the cruising Chevrolet scenes from the film Drive. At the same time, the optimistic, hopeful element to the song reminds us of looking back on the best memories of last summer, watching the sunset and dancing to our favourite songs.  Pizzagirl manages to build up these layers to create a sea of noise.

That’s why the music video perfectly pairs Pizzagirl’s track. We follow him walking through the town, reminiscing and observing. He never shows his face which kind of underlines his strange persona – this paradox between pizza memes, the virtual world and melancholic sound. There is a tone of naivety in “Favourite Song”, especially in the line “and when I think about this night with you, it makes me go doo doo doo…”

The effect of the whole ensemble is a very haunting, atmospheric track that is upbeat but poignant. The backing vocals provide a wistful feel to this memory of love, and relates to any listener. Here we have a darkly beautiful synth track that presents loneliness, love, and house parties. Think, Electric Youth with the charm of a teenage boy.