CYN – Believer

The self-proclaimed ‘small town girl’ signed by Katy Perry herself has once again dropped another huge track. The super sweet looking CYN has released “Believer,” a pop track covered in a dark and gooey bass line, with a sensuous undertone.

The intro to “Believer” layers soft synths and enters the listener into a floating world of isolation, with a covertly  pounding and subtle dance-track feel to it. This element runs through a couple of CYN’s tracks, paralleling her playful take on pop. It’s an incredibly new mixture of Taylor Swift-esq vocals with more substance and heaviness, exploring vulnerability in the line, “I feel unlovable”. Once the chorus of “So put your hands on my body baby” drops, the song plunges into this deep, dark bass line that immediately lets us know that CYN means business. The sexiness of the music matches the lyrics: ‘but if you love me right, then baby you just might make a believer out of me.’ Rather than a melancholic heartbreak track, CYN has created a sinister pulsating song, almost like the anti-hymn, daring someone to love her, claiming ‘baby, I got faith in nothing’. 

It’s nice to have a more feminine edge to this insanely popular combination of pop synths and heavy electric guitar bass lines, perhaps best known in Tame Impala’s Currents, or with a more pop-y edge, like in the charts at the moment with Jax Jones’ “Breathe” ft. Ina Wroldsen. CYN, known for her Lolita influences and her enjoyment of her double edged sword of girlish beauty and dark-pop, has yielded this sound and made it her own, overlaying it with melt-in-your-mouth vocals and a sexy attitude. This track will catch you off guard, unless you’re already a fan, and in that case you know the tricks CYN has up her sleeves.