Blossoms – O2 Forum Kentish Town

Let the romance Blossom as the Stockport group takes to stage at London’s O2 Forum.

Hitting off with banger, “There’s a Reason Why” from their recent sophomore album, Cool Like you, Blossom sets the agenda for the night. The throbbing melody, glossy hooks and recognizable lyrics straight off the bat sets sparks the initial pop bliss that one may usually save for ABBA.

Having settled into their place in the British scene by now, Blossoms still stick to their recipe of synth-pop, accelerating into the depth of their characteristic. Paving into the more glittering pop terrain, the grander gestures that you’re used to seeing from Blossoms isn’t quite pulling through.

The Northern charm is well intact as lead vocalist, Tom Ogden, addresses the crown, however, the edge of their sound, and sassy guitar work seems lost in the sound mix, giving a more watered down version of your favourite bangers.

Despite perhaps not reaching the top spot, hits like “Honey Sweet” still comes with that throwback sound and sweet undertones that initially sparked Blossoms’ career. Backed with a spectacular light-rig and a faithful fan-base, the show progresses as it should, despite the finer details being amputated.

As ‘Cool Like You’s up-beat drumwork picks up the pace a little, it’s with a bittersweet taste that it perhaps could have gone even further, that Blossoms controlling nature may not benefit the rock and roll elements of their sound.

Safely back on the sleek safe ground of pop nostalgia, “How Long Will This Last”’s swaying chorus and caramelizing synth show off Blossoms true live potential. Ogden’s vocal ventures bare uncanny resemblance of Death Cab For Cutie vibes, paired with the romantic lyrical stamp of Blossoms it certainly ticks the boxes. The disastrous love stories of the northerners still feeds into the core of their music. Seemingly always unfortunately in or out of love, the Blossoms catalogue flourish on the headaches and heartbreaks.

Bringing out some golden oldies the band certainly have crafted a staple sound as the transition between material seems almost seamless. Whilst “Blown Rose” perhaps had lost some of its kick, it’s a commendable effort.

Despite the stoic stage presence and at times bland deliverance, the synth driven drama that is “Between The Eyes” is another glimpse of live magic. The darker natured song expands, really giving space for the musical elements to properly shine (perhaps for the first time this evening).

Before the encore sets in Tom gives a little, slightly absurd, acoustic play of the dreamy “Love Talk” flowed by a medley including Wham!’s eternal anthem “Last Christmas.” A questionable choice…  considering it’s May.

As the show culminates in the delicious tenderness and bombastic moves of “Charlemagne” it has definitely been a roller coaster. One may expect more from a band as well versed as Blossoms, and yet, with the sweet-spot riffs and cliché terrible romances, you can’t help but love it a little.