anna of the north

Anna of the North – XOYO

The stellar pop singer charmed her way into many hearts this Wednesday night.

As Anna Of The North takes to stage at a packed XOYO, it’s immediately clear that the Norwegian singer has something special. With tangible enthusiasm she delves into “Oslo.” Her clear vocals combined with the cold pop-scape of the sonics builds an enchanting atmosphere.

Anna Of The North as a live act is an interesting concoction, whilst Anna clearly stands centre, her backing band deserve all the credit for their fastidious precision, even within the most spacious simplicity of the soundscape.

The synth-layered pop laced with the compassion and caring Anna shows makes for touching moments. Moments that almost seem beyond words, and more importantly, it reminds you how precious live music can be. The omnipresent tinge of raw honesty that soars through the lyrics, filling the venue is hard to shake. It’s a collective consciousness of love in all it’s beautiful and diverse colours.

Counterpointing the heavily electronically driven sound with a few acoustic numbers, Anna reviles that it is the first time they attempt “All I Want” live. Rightfully serving as the eminent closer of debut Lovers, the stripped down production of the song serves as the most genuine backdrop for pure lyrical confessions.

Breaking out of the hazy dreamlike state, the concert rapidly approach the end. With the brooding depth of ‘The Dreamer’ filling the air, the band’s impeccable live capabilities are more prominent than ever. Anna’s velvet vocals bounce off the ready a beat, with the fluid melody slowly mounting into a heavenly concoction.

The bright and crispy ‘Fire’ lingers as a sensational statement of strength, before “Baby” sets the final punch to what can only be described as a stunning live performance. The balance of motion, emotion and sparkly pop bliss distinguish Anna of the North from most pop gigs, with serenity and grace they are exactly what pop needs.