The members of Paramore (from left: Taylor York, Hayley Williams and Zac Farro) pair upbeat '80s sounds with bleak lyrics on After Laughter

Paramore Dance Around NYC in Video, “Fake Happy”

After debuting at number one earlier this year on Billboard’s Top Alternative and Top Rock Albums, Paramore’s success with their fifth album, After Laughter, just keeps treading. This past week, the multi-platinum band released a video for their third single off of the new album, “Fake Happy.”

Beginning in the middle of 2007, punk-rock band, Paramore, got their first big break. Although they were well-known due to their previous performances on the Warped Tour, “Misery Business,” is really what put Paramore into the mainstream rock market. Following this major success, Paramore remained relevant in the music scene as they consistently put out Hot 100 hits including: “Decode,” “The Only Exception,” “Still Into You,” and “Ain’t It Fun.”

Earlier this year, Paramore released their fifth studio album, After Laughter, whose title was inspired by the face people make after they are done laughing. It is supposed to be representative of the reality people are brought back to after they feel euphoric. The music plays along with this theme as the band takes on a more colorful, dance sound opposed to their grungy roots. The lyrics deal with heavy topics, including depression and anxiety, while maintaining a playful, carefree essence.

For example, Paramore’s latest single, “Fake Happy,” tackles the idea that people tend to go along their day with false happiness. The music video accurately represents this message. In the beginning, we see the lead singer standing outside, clearly unhappy as the slower introduction of the song starts us off. The video is soon blurred, so we are unable to read Hayley Williams’ facial expressions. As the cheerful beats start to kick in, we are cut to an alternative universe where everyone is wearing upside down smiley faces. We see the songstress dance around in a childlike manner as she passes many people throughout New York City. Throughout the video, the lead singer makes her way through the streets of New York causing childish mayhem, dancing around the outskirts of Central Park, and eventually making her way to the ever-so popular Times Square. The last scene of the video finally reveals Hayley Williams’ face again, but this time covered with golden, glittery tears. She then joins the masses of New York by wearing an upside down smiley face to hide her true emotions.

The video just proves that even though Paramore had brought a new sound to After Laughter, their artistry is still a major point in their music. We are excited to see where the band takes the album next.