ella vos

Ella Vos releases teaser for Words I Never Said, “I Know You Care”

Ella Vos unveiled her latest track today, “I Know You Care.” The track comes off her highly anticipated album Words I Never Said, due out November 17th. Vos says the track was inspired by her relationship with her father: “I am my father’s child. We don’t always talk openly about our feelings or often say, ‘I care about you.’ We assume that the people who need to know already know. I have felt my dad’s love, pride and encouragement in all that I do. But since I’ve become a mother, I’ve felt the need to say these things out loud every day, as well as a desire to hear them myself.”

Words I Never Said was written in the wake of her son’s birth, and was inspired by the experiences and challenges that came with being a new mother. She says the album touches on “taboo” topics like postpartum depression, abortion, women’s reproductive rights and more.