Lorde teams up with Post Malone, Khalid & SZA for “Homemade Dynamite” Remix

Lorde’s long awaited sophomore album Melodrama was internationally released June 16th of this year and now she’s just spoiling us with a remix of her latest single Homemade Dynamite featuring 3 up and coming American artists: Post Malone, SZA and Khalid.

Lorde’s latest single off her hit album is a whimsical, youthful force that depicts the desire to go to a party and find someone to have fun with.  The addition of this R&B trio opens three new dialogues existing within this party scenario Lorde has laid out for us.

Khalid starts us off with a smooth, new, take on the already existing “Homemade Dynamite” melody and discusses the freedom involved in letting loose with friends.  SZA’s verse explores a little more melodically while describing her intentionally forgotten inhibitions and crafting a situation in which she gets what she wants.  Lastly, Post Malone rounds off the storyline with a fresh take on the sound of track with a quicker rhythm and an overarching theme of connection and intuition. He then levels out on one of Lorde’s lines, “you know I think you’re awesome right?”

Lorde and company have taken what was already a hit and made it all the more enjoyable.