pale waves
photo: Laura Ersoy / EUPH.

Pale Waves – Television Romance

With their nostalgic pop vibes and glittering indie hooks, there’s no doubt that Pale Waves has something good going. Despite their incredibly thin online catalogue, the band has gained an impressive following, probably helps being produced by The 1975, now they finally unveils a piece of new music in “Television Romance.”

Thinking that “Television Romance” is their second released single is really a bit mind blowing. The radiant tune shows a professionalism and ear for details belonging to a band with a far bigger catalogue to their name . Though following the absolute banger, “There’s A Honey,” we didn’t expect less of the indie-pop outfit.

Fronted by vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie distinctive voice, “Television Romance” is a shimmering affair with a surprising awe for sweetness. The crystallising synth-lines collides with the swirling guitar work in dashing contrast to the encompassing crisp beat. Though this initially can feel like sugar and spice and all things nice, there is a tangy sense to the tune that provides a depth to the more glittering part.

There’s a sentiment to both melody and lyrics that doesn’t only make the tune releasable, but also implies an enigmatic tint to the concoction. Lyrically it’s just as phoney as it’s euphoric, as dripping with solitude and teen angst as it is blooming with confidence, in short, it’s just as much as a clusterfuck as the inside of a millennials head, just more well-phrased.

With “Television Romance’s savvy layering, the Manchester quartet avoid the harshest of pop traps and elevate their style to new heights.

Have a listen and watch out, cause Pale Waves have the potential to go far!