lana del rey

Lana Del Rey – Echo Arena

Lana Del Rey, born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, became a hit in 2005 when her single “Video Games” became a viral Internet sensation. She later gained more success with the release of her major-label debut Born To Die. It was no surprise that her releases following were to be a surefire hit.

Unlike many other artists, she values her privacy and keeps a general low-profile. But even while keeping a low-profile and not divulging much detail of her personal life and relationships, she is able to strike a chord with her fans.

Later, in late 2015, she announced she was working on her next record, and that her previous releases featured more of a Californian sound, but that her next would be more New York; less dreamy, but faster and more upbeat. Then came Lust for Life, which featured the singer’s first feature track with previous collaborator, The Weeknd.

Being such an icon in modern music, it was no surprise that we just had to be in attendance. We caught the Queen at Liverpool’s ECHO Arena. The show was unlike anything we could’ve expected. While we were expecting gorgeous visuals, as per her aesthetic, we were surprised to find she had dancers this tour.

Screams erupted the arena as she opened with “Body Electric.” The track entranced the crowd and was the perfect opener. Going through the set list, she played fan favorites “Blue Jeans,” “Born To Die,” “Summertime Sadness” and “Video Games” only to end with the fitting “Off to the Races.” Although there was no encore, Lana Del Rey was always an artist who left the people wanting more.

Check out photos from the show below!